Sunday, September 30, 2012

Parent Teacher Conferences

I am looking forward to meeting with each of you on October 10 or 11.  I will be sending home our scheduled meeting time on Monday.  If your scheduled time does not work for you, please let me know and we will find a time that works.  I'm looking forward to our meeting!

Halloween Party Time!

We will be celebrating Halloween on October 31st at 2:45.  Dina Pfeifer has volunteered to be our Party Mom.  Thanks Dina!! If you can help her out in any way, please contact her at 340-7960.  You can also let me know and I will forward it on.  Thanks for your support!!

Fall Art Scenes!

Check out our fabulous art!  In celebration of the fall season, we created a fall scene.  We learned about silhouettes, horizons, fall colors, color blending.  Thank you, Mrs. Marchello!  aka our Art Mom!

Interactive Table

Our interactive table has arrived!  The table is being used to build words, collaborate and problem solve.  The students are enjoying the new tool!  I have included a picture and a short video showing the table in action.

Click here to watch the table in action. 


Research Papers

We completed our first research papers of the year on the topic of ants.  They practiced writing ant facts, drawing a matching illustration and recording their OWN project.  Below is a list of student numbers.  Your student should know his/her student number.  Find your child's number, click and enjoy!

Student 1
Student 2
Student 3
Student 4
Student 5
Student 6
Student 7
Student 8
Student 9
Student 10
Student 11
Student 12
Student 13
Student 14
Student 15
Student 16
Student 17
Student 18
Student 19
Student 20
Student 21
Student 22


The October Volunteer Schedule and Reading Calendar has been posted.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Red HOT Folder!

  If your child brings home his/her Red HOT folder, it means he/she has work that needs to be completed and returned the next day. I always try to give students plenty of time to complete their work at school but sometimes it is necessary to finish at home and return. If you have any questions about the work or folder, please contact me right away! Thank you for your support! Melissa

Monday, September 10, 2012

Class Recording Studio: Our Class "Like" Book

Today, we created a class "Like" book in our recording studio.  Click Here.  Enjoy!

Spelling City!

Spelling City is ready to go!  If your student would like to use to practice our spelling pattern of the week, click here:  Your child can take a practice test or play games that focus on the spelling pattern of the week.  I will update the site each week.

Happy Spelling!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Classroom Photos

Our new collaborative furniture has arrived and the digital publishing lab is in action!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Hope to Learn in First Grade

Our first movie of the year!  "What I Hope to Learn in First Grade"  Written and Produced by Mrs. Slocum's Superstars.  Click Here!