Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Events!

It's hard to believe that our final month of school is here!  What an amazing year we have had!  Thank you for joining me on this 1st year journey in our 21st Century Classroom.  The students have been amazing through the entire process!

May 2nd- Map Testing (am)

May 6th- Map Testing (am)

May 15th- Seattle Sea Hawks Assembly

May 17th- May Birthdays

May 24th- Field Day... Volunteers need to arrive at 1:00

May 29th- Bike Rodeo

May 31st- Last day of school (Full Day)

Team Lion

Team Lion completed their research of the life cycle of a lion.  Enjoy by clicking here.

Star Student Lauren!

Click here to learn more about Lauren!

Star Student Zoey!

  Click here to learn more about Zoey!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life Cycle Projects

The students are back in action!  They are working in small teams researching, collaborating, creating presentations, writing realistic fiction stories about their life cycle, and building appropriate habitats from our BrickLab.. Stay tuned for the final products!

This Week's Homewrork! - Nature Detective

Homework: Click here
Spelling City: Click here

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Max - Observing Changes in Spring

We spent some time outside around our adopted tree, Max, observing his changes from winter to spring.  The students recorded their observations in their tree journal.

Spring! Art Mom Project

Thanks to Mrs. Marchello for teaching us about the famous artist, Henri Matisse.  Using his techniques, we designed a spring garden.  :)


Volunteer Calendar

Here is the calendar for April - May:  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40170676/Volunteer%20AprilMay.docx

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Events!

April 5 - Walk to School Day!
April 11 - PTA Red Robin Night
April 17 - No School
April 19 - Popcorn Friday!
April 26 - April Birthday Celebration!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSAPHINE & MRS. FORREY

Team Projects

Students worked in groups of 4-5 to create a presentation on an assigned country.  Before handing the project over to the students, we modeled a couple of lessons on two different countries.  Next we grouped the students and assigned each team a countries to research and plan a team presentation. 

Here are the presentations and photos of the students in action!

Team Russia Presentation
Team Kenya Presentation
Team Germany Presentation
Team Cuba Presentation
Team Australia Presentation

Students at Work - Computer Cafe Style!

We made some changes to our room!  Welcome to our "Computer Cafe" and Publishing Lab!  Students have been hard at work creating Powerpoint presentation projects on bees and Germany!  These comprehensive presentations provide authetic evidence for student learning.

On a Treasure Map Aventure!

Using our mapping skills, we went on a treasure hunt to find the leprechauns gold!

This Week's Homework - The Story of a Blue Bird

Homework: Click here
Spelling City: Click here

Fundraiser to benefit the Idaho Education Association’s Children’s Fund

Discovery Families:

Discovery Elementary is participating in a fundraiser to benefit the Idaho Education Association’s Children’s Fund.  Every year, the Children’s Fund helps students and families in need. Past needs have included shoes, eye glasses, coats, dental work, medicine, and much, much more!  Discovery families have directly benefited from this fund.

Discovery has decided to put together a basket that will be placed in a silent auction where all the proceeds go toward the Children’s Fund.  Discovery’s basket theme is “Springtime Fun!” We are asking parents who wish to participate to donate items related to our theme.  Basket ideas might include: kites, outdoor games, gardening tools, art/craft ideas, etc.  The basket will be taken to the IEA Delegate Assembly held in Boise, April 12-13th, where participants will place their bids. 

*If anyone has a cooler or picnic basket that they’d like to donate to use as our basket, please contact Amy Bickford at 855-4090, so we avoid getting duplicates.  Thanks!

**All donated items need to be brought to school by Friday, April 5th.  Students may bring items at any time between now and then to help fill our basket.  Thanks for your support!